Results that speak for themselves

The coaching sessions with Carey have had a huge impact on the progress I have been able to make over the past two months.  We used the wheel to focus on my ideal life balance, what that would look and feel like and then what steps I need to take indicidually and with my family to enable this to be possible.  Most fundamentally, the sessions provided me with the space to really focus on what career path I wanted to pursue and determine goals towards achieving this.

The coaching sessions quickly helped me to break out of a restrictive cycle I was stuck in and gave me space to think clearly within a supportive environment and framework.  As a result of the sessions with Carey I have been able to make significant progress towards addressing the balance in my life, refocus on my career and have the confidence and clarity to actually  get a job.

I also feel the sessions have provided me with some tools I can rely on in future to continue to work on trying to achieve a more workable balance at home and encourage other family members to take more responsibility for themselves in a positive way, especially with starting a new job.  Having said that, I recognise the benefit of working with Carey in the future, working with someone who validates the issues I need to address without judgement, irrespective of how small and insignificant they may seem.  I find her lack of judgement, her clarity of focus and (seemingly) endless energy inspiring

Louise Shepherd - Evans - Finance Manager

Spent another day with Carey Davis-Munro last week and learnt so much, again.  Since working with Carey I have made so many adjustments that feel great, when I say that I mean it feels like THIS TIME it's for good!

here is a summary:

1 - My 14 year old daughter has said she loves my home made baked beans more than Heinz !

2 - my 16 year old son is adding spices to his chicken and pasta!

3 - my 13 year old daughter has grasped the idea of adding more nutrition and is mixing in new things into meals.

4 - I made home made hommus (have done this years ago it was a pain and no one liked it)  this time ALL the kids are reaching for this before the shop bought version! what a result.

5 - we made a healthy banana chocolate nut milk shake this morning which was a massive hit.

6 - we've found an alternative healthy home made chocolate treat that beats all biscuits and shop chocolates.

What is amazing is that I DON'T COOK, I work full time, I wont spend time in the kitchen, I don't like it.... I know I'm a big challenge... but Carey keep her faith in my that I can do it and to my astonishment I AM... what does this mean?

- I'm not spending any more time in the kitchen than usual.
- I'm making the kids do as much as I usually do.
- I'm not spending more money.

what is actually happening?

- as a family we are making small easy adjustments with the attitude that Carey inspires it's so easy! and I can hardly believe I am saying this!
- we have healthy savoury and sweet snacks ready to go
- we still have some of the 'old' foods around but less and less as the new things are taking over.
- one of the things I'm loving most is the connection I'm getting with my teens.

I can not praise Carey enough, I really didn't think I could do this, and incredibly we are actually only a couple of weeks in!!

Working with Carey has been the best decision I've made this year.... as a mum and business woman this is no light statement.

Thank you Carey.

You've actually found things that work for me, this 'can't cook wont cook' busy working mum of 3 teens


Justina Rosu - Ex BBC Producer, Video, YouTube expert

Since first meeting Carey I have been constantly impressed by the manner in which she walks her talk. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of food and nutrition, practises what she preaches and maintains robust health for herself and her three children. She is an accomplished speaker tailoring her message to meet the needs of her audience. Her talks are packed full of facts and are highly motivating. Her energy, dedication and enthusiasm are palpable in her presentations. Carey’s very lifestyle is testimony to the ancient message: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food” (Hippocrates of Kos c.460-c.360 BC)

Dr Robert Owen Co - Founder Intelligent Ageing TM

I have known Carey for 10 years and throughout that time she has been an inspiration. Her dedication and passion for healthy living and nutritious food is unparalleled and what she doesn’t know about health and holistic wellbeing frankly isn’t worth knowing. This means that each of her food recipes are not only packed full of truly healthy ingredients but that also every one of them are absolutely delicious and will appeal to children as well as adults, as my sons can certainly testify! Her zest for optimal wellbeing is infectious and I can wholeheartedly recommend booking a session with Carey to help revolutionise your diet and lifestyle’

Louise Nunn - maternal mental health specialist midwife