A 12 step plan completed at your pace to take you from Unconsciously Incompetent and a state of overwhelm when it comes to eating healthily to Unconsciously Competent – a place of long term self nurturing for longevity, sustainable wellbeing and ongoing rewards with food that positively feed your goals and lifestyle.

Course Includes

Featuring 46 flexitarian recipes from sweet treats to hearty meals, the 12 step plan and extra resources give you and your family the tools to make positive changes and live a long, healthy life while enjoying delicious food every day.

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12 Steps To Healthier Eating

A compete guide to improving your relationship with food.
12 Steps To Healthier Eating

The course sets you up for success in a range of ways


By encouraging you and showing you step by step how to effectively become your own coach ensuring your mindset and approach supports your outcomes. You will be introduced to techniques and strategies to help you stay on track and to monitor your growth.


You will be given guidance on how to set up your home and kitchen for success and then you will trek through various stages of preparation, planning, conversations, and of course the cooking itself.


In addition you will have access to the book EAT NOURISH FLOURISH at half price so that you have a physical copy of over 40 recipes to support each stage and where you can reference the nisl rhoncus rhoncus neque viverra.

Easy to follow videos

15 Videos to accompany each aspect of the course and to introduce you to each step

Community & support

Ongoing support and open ‘live’s in Facebook each week to sustain your progress and answer any questions.

Copy of my book

A copy of my book 12 Steps To Healthier Family Food to help support you on your journey.


Change Your Relationship with


This course is for you if....

  • You know your eating habits – or drinking habits are a risk to your long term health
  • You have tried dieting but it feels like denial – this is NOT a diet of any sort but a sustainable way to support your body for the rest of your life.
  • You have an unhealthy relationship with food but want to change this
  • You have guilt around food
  • You want to support a partner, a friend or family by helping them ‘nourish up’, upgrade choices and facilitate a better way of living
  • You are thinking about the environment and want to find sustainable companies to buy your food from that supports the planet, your health and the animals we share this world with

This course is for you if you want....

  • Confidence that you are eating the right foods to nurture longevity and wellness
  • To increase your repertoire and to incorporate nutrient dense foods that you may not have done so before
  • Get yourself somewhere on what I call the ‘plant based scale’. You may never want to cut out meat but the fact is that for your gut health, immunity and physical and mental wellbeing, a diet rich in plants and vegetables is a big part of it.
  • Freedom and real reward with food that is focused not on what you can’t have but what you choose to have instead
  • A knowledge of better snacks and how to stock your cupboard
  • Guidance on which brands to trust and how to choose foods
  • Access to me every week where you can ask me what you like, tell me what your obstacles are if any and how I can help you keep the upward trajectory.