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Empowering You To Build A Healthier Relationship With Food

Future focused, and goal centred, a proactive approach to optimum health and wellbeing.

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Meet Carey

Hello! I am passionate about empowering others to be the absolute best version of themselves possible. By taking goals or aspirations and turning them in to a reality.

By helping others to achieve sustainable lifestyle change that positively impacts quality and length  of life.

My specialism in this area is food and eating well,  which I believe is the single most important factor in determining our health and wellness throughout each stage of our life.

I have particular expertise in working with parents, families and teenagers of which I have 3!

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Food Coaching

Coaching is a process which starts with the end in mind. I am privileged to be a catalyst in a journey you will take to make your goals a reality.
I specialise in working with overstretched, amazing parents to help achieve a healthier and more beneficial relationship with food, for themselves and their family.

Taking you from a place of overwhelm, to confidence around healthy eating behaviours.

The agenda lies entirely with you but you feel supported as I help facilitate a route to your aspirations.

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Group Coaching

Setting some goals with a group of friends often means you have a ready made support group and can make the journey fun and focused. There are a number of ways to do this and the proposition adapted to suit.

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Product Development

Do you have a great idea that you want to launch in the healthy food market? You may have identified a gap in the market but don't have the practical knowledge of how to make the product itself! Product and recipe development is my strength. I am skilled and experienced at taking a brief for a product and turning it into a reality. Set against a background of a burgeoning healthy food industry, I have launched my own products and sold in the likes of Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Selfridges as well as Wholefoods, Planet Organic, Daylesford and As Nature Intended. I understand the margins needed to make a successful product, how to source ingredients and how to approach buyers. Whether you need more hands on NPD or coaching in this area, I can help.

a group coaching session

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How it Works


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The first step in this process is for us to have an initial conversation so that I can understand what you are trying to achieve and to confirm that I can help you and this is the right thing for you. You can set this up by clicking on the 'Get Your Free Initial Chat ' Button, or by sending an email or enquiry form.


Initial session

Following the initial conversation, we will set up our first appointment, ( known at the intake session)and plan the number of sessions needed so that we can be consistent and assured of progress.


Monitoring  progress

Nothing is set in stone. You dictate the pace, and timing of the coaching. It is a flexible process to allow for 'life' happening in between but I will help guide your driving of the process and help you stay on track., giving you some very quick wins and the benefit of my 20 year experience.

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What others are saying about Carey

Since first meeting Carey I have been constantly impressed by the manner in which she walks her talk. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of food and nutrition, practises what she preaches and maintains robust health for herself and her three children. She is an accomplished speaker tailoring her message to meet the needs of her audience. Her talks are packed full of facts and are highly motivating. Her energy, dedication and enthusiasm are palpable in her presentations. Carey’s very lifestyle is testimony to the ancient message: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food” (Hippocrates of Kos c.460-c.360 BC)

Dr Robert Owen Co - Founder Intelligent Ageing TM

I have known Carey for 10 years and throughout that time she has been an inspiration. Her dedication and passion for healthy living and nutritious food is unparalleled and what she doesn’t know about health and holistic wellbeing frankly isn’t worth knowing. This means that each of her food recipes are not only packed full of truly healthy ingredients but that also every one of them are absolutely delicious and will appeal to children as well as adults, as my sons can certainly testify! Her zest for optimal wellbeing is infectious and I can wholeheartedly recommend booking a session with Carey to help revolutionise your diet and lifestyle’

Louise Nunn - maternal mental health specialist midwife


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