What I can do for you

I can help you move your eating habits, and those of your family, on to a healthier platform.

I am a specialist in the area of Health, Wellbeing and Nutrition and have been teaching, coaching and specialising in Learning and Development for over 25 years.

This means I can coach you step by step to make sustainable changes that will have a beneficial and positive impact on health.

As a expert in corporate, family and individual health,  I can pass on the essentials to you, so that you can begin to benefit immediately and achieve your objectives.

a person living a healthy lifestyle

Food Coaching

Coaching is a process which starts with the end in mind. I am privileged to be a catalyst in a journey you will take to make your goals a reality.
I specialise in working with overstretched, amazing parents to help achieve a healthier and more beneficial relationship with food, for themselves and their family.

Taking you from a place of overwhelm, to confidence around healthy eating behaviours.

The agenda lies entirely with you but you feel supported as I help facilitate a route to your aspirations.

a person living a healthy lifestyle

Group Coaching

Setting some goals with a group of friends often means you have a ready made support group and can make the journey fun and focused. There are a number of ways to do this and the proposition adapted to suit.

a person living a healthy lifestyle

Corporate Coaching

CIPD qualified and with over 15 years experience working in learning and development, I believe a healthy and well motivated workforce is a productive workforce. This means employees aligning their own personal goals to that of their work goals and ensuring there is both synergy and progression. Having written Corporate Wellness policies and cascaded strategy from boardroom to individuals, I know that Coaching can be a powerful tool not only to empower individuals to drive their own progress but also for businesses to nurture both a positive and healthy environment for all. A training budget spent on skills development is a waste of money if employees are not motivated to be there.

a person living a healthy lifestyle

Speaker Opportunities

I am happy to accept speaker engagements in the field of food and nutrition. Ensuring the content is fully aligned to the audience and in keeping with the agenda I can communicate succinctly what I have learnt from over 25 years of experience working in the area of Health, Fitness and Wellness. Previous opportunities have included speaking at exhibitions, food demonstrations, conferences, schools, business forums and private meetings.

a person living a healthy lifestyle

Product Development

Do you have a great idea that you want to launch in the healthy food market? You may have identified a gap in the market but don't have the practical knowledge of how to make the product itself! Product and recipe development is my strength. I am skilled and experienced at taking a brief for a product and turning it into a reality. Set against a background of a burgeoning healthy food industry, I have launched my own products and sold in the likes of Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Selfridges as well as Wholefoods, Planet Organic, Daylesford and As Nature Intended. I understand the margins needed to make a successful product, how to source ingredients and how to approach buyers. Whether you need more hands on NPD or coaching in this area, I can help.

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