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Eat Nourish Flourish


Transformational Coaching, Workshops, Courses, Talks and Group Facilitation.

Transformational Wellbeing Coaching

Key Service Areas

Organisational and Individual Wellbeing, Behavioural, Performance and Food Coaching, Courses and Talks

1-1 Personal Coaching

Working with individuals to help you thrive, not just survive. To improve a sense of purpose, flow and wellbeing through the anchors of food, sleep, breath and mindset.


From whole organisation strategy to 1-1 coaching & masterclasses, I work with you to deliver meaningful, thoughtful and impactful wellbeing interventions.


I am a fully accredited Heartmath Coach. HeartMath is a scientifically-validated system of self-regulation techniques, tools and biofeedback technologies proven to help people to reduce stress and anxiety.


From online to in-person, expertly crafted courses for individuals, small groups and organisations. Including Compassionate Leadership for Wellbeing. 

Group Coaching

Setting goals with a group of friends or colleagues often means you have a ready made support group and can make the journey fun and focused.


Motivational and inspirational talks on wellbeing, the workplace, food, leadership and development.