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Eat Nourish Flourish


Transformational Coaching, Workshops, Courses, Talks and Group Facilitation.

About Eat Nourish Flourish's Founder

Carey Davis-Munro

Carey has had over 25 years experience in the field of health, fitness and wellbeing; a Physical Education teacher, and a Learning and Development expert, she is also a serial entrepreneur, creating the UK’s award winning first to market multi award winning Superfood Healthy Chocolate Truffles.

Carey now works as an Organisation Wellbeing Coach and Speaker with businesses and individuals to empower people to take their lives forwards in the direction they most desire. This may be through building a healthier relationship with food, understanding our thoughts and emotions to better process or bringing creativity, resilience and courage into their lives to make changes for long term wellness, physical and mental agility. Habit change and the psychology around this has therefore become a major focus.

Carey's Bio

HR level 7 qualified, with a background in education and leadership, Carey is an ICF accredited coach, trainer, facilitator and speaker with over 20 years experience in her field. Carey holds a plethora of additional qualifications in the field of wellbeing including her HeartMath accreditation and nutritional studies.

Carey is a published author with her book ‘ EAT NOURISH FLOURISH – 12 steps to healthier family food’ published by Meze launched in Autumn 2020 and has also had her work published with Ocado, providing content for them when they first launched the ‘healthy recipe’ area of their website.

Carey has appeared on BBC Radio multiple times including The Gaby Roslin Show and as an expert invited to advise on a range of topics for local radio too.

She also won the Virgin award for Best New Healthy Product as an entrepreneur in 2013 for her first to market multi award winning healthy truffles.

My Approach

I have been doing this such a long time, I have a veritable ‘tool bag’ that is bursting! I know above all that what I do is definitely not a one size fits all approach.

As a coach first and foremost, I will meet you where you are with no judgment, blame or expectations and from day 1 you will feel you have a supportive hand on your shoulder. I am now part of your team. Be that 1-1 or in a business, I will fly your flag and invest in success as much as you do yourself if not more. All I ask from you is commitment, accountability and regularity in our meetings.

With personal clients I will work hard to understand the outcomes you are looking for and build us a picture so we start to psychologically move towards them. Once we have them firmly set in the sat nav we are on our way and it is for me to help you put ‘petrol in the engine’ – the motivation to keep going in tough times and to work through obstacles, limiting beliefs and road blocks. To help you process both somatically through the body and understanding our emotions and thoughts that may try to sabotage where we are getting to.

This is where I may bring HeartMath into the coaching or any one of my other tools to help you move through change.


With organisations the process is much the same. It is imperative I first understand what the ultimate ‘world cup’ of outcomes is for you. The impact you are looking for me to have. What this looks and feels like. The culture, the obstacles, the context and how I can best support people ‘wholistically’.

The last few years has taught us we are not a role, a job title but people who carry out a role for a small part of our lives. At a time when people are questioning not only how they work but why they work amidst this Great Reset and Resignation, it is vital we prioritise wellbeing at work.

I believe fundamentally people just want to feel recognised, valued and rewarded for work they enjoy. This is at the heart of my philosophy with wellbeing in the workplace. I bring a coaching style of leadership and an approach that empowers all to continually expand in critical thinking, make life changes that may be tough and support businesses to stay financially and ethically robust!