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Home Made Granola

Prepare time

5 minutes

Cooking time

20 minutes


2 people


I use..


????Coconut oil

????Coconut chips ???? ????Linseed

????Mixed seeds

????Banana chips ????

????Mixed Fruit ????

????Mixed nuts ????

Pro Tips

Making your own granola is so simple and so much fresher and more delicious than buying it! Not to mention cheaper.... the really good organic brands with less sugar are just extortionate.This way you can also throw all the things in there that you like and personalise it. people


????Put a tablespoon coconut oil into a large baking tray

????Place into the oven at 180 dc

????Take out after only a minute or so as the oil has melted

????Place 4 large handfuls of oats into the oil and mix really well

????If you’d like any sweetener suggest minimal amounts coconut sugar sprinkled over at this stage. ????Place back in the oven for further 20 mins or so taking out every now and then to stir well and ensure all is toasting evenly. ( I like mine really toasty so may well cook for longer but down to you)

???? Take out and leave to cool. ????Add in all your extras. Mix well and store in airtight containers. ????????

Delicious with fresh berries, coconut ???? yoghurt and a large dollop homemade chocolate nut butter ????????????????????????????????